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Welcome to The Digger

The Digger started in August 2004 in the Possil area of Glasgow, one of the poorest parts of Europe. The founder authored and published the magazine in the kitchen of a high-rise flat and started selling The Digger at outdoor markets and door-to-door.

The magazine has gone from selling 100 copies per week to becoming the most widely read crime magazine in the city of Glasgow and is established as a leader in alternative press.

Mission statement:

We report on unemployed and low income workers who come into contact with the justice system from arrest through the police, prosecution and courts. Our aim is to highlight individuals whose cases normally go unreported in the main stream Press. Our pages also cover the politics of this system of crime and punishment and the legislation which affects everyone.

The Courts aim to get to the truth but often fail to achieve this. We cover people who find themselves victims of State power and abuse of power. Judges have to dispense justice and our job is to report on their use of power. Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.

The Digger is the eyes and ears of the public who find this system confusing and sometimes unaccountable. The Digger plays an important part in the checks and balances of our democratic system.

In the end we act as a pressure valve for thousands of people who have no voice or representation.

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